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Alt  12.10.2018, 13:12   # 1
Freier Himmel
Mitglied seit 11. October 2018

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Blackjack Massage Salon - Chaoyang Dist., Beijing

Blackjack Massage Salon

Very discreet massage parlor exclusive for expats and foreign tourists in Beijing, it is located in an apartment with luxury decoration. Good location near Sanlitun, Third Embassy area or Guomao and lovely girls. Price starts from RMB 500. Very fair in Beijing.

https:// www.blackjackbeijing.com
Mobile / WeChat / WhatsApp: +86 17199272829
Near Hilton Beijing, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing.

During my last trip to Beijing in September, I Was hosting a friend for lunch at Great Leap Brewing Xinyuanli near the East Third Ring road. Heavy lunch and pints of craft beer. My friend suggests a walk to lighten up. Turned left after reaching the East Third Ring Road and headed to the side way to the North of Beijing Silver Tower. Went ahead for 200 meters and we finally reached the compound which I had done some homework before. Entered the compound and reached the block and dialed room no downstairs, the entrance door was opened. Took lift to its floor and the receptionist had opened the door for us once she heard the lift reached their floor. It is a luxury decoration apartment with several bedrooms. Both took their good package ( B2B massage with blow job, but an introductory offer made it cheaper for the two of us). In walked a scared looking young girl. I would rate her a 8.5-8.8 on ten with a beautiful body. She was from Hubei, had very distinct facial features. Long story short, I got a 5 minutes body rub, refused to wear dispos, got a good oil massage for the next 30 minutes before the bum massage made me horny. Things became really interesting after that. I started touching her, convinced her to shed the clothing and did DATY for a good 10-15 minutes, All this while she had this newbie vulnerability (saying no no no) that was the biggest turn on for me. DATY worked and before we knew it I was pounding away in Mish. Did not last long though. Had a brief rest where she wore her clothes again and I asked her to continue the massage on the front. With 15 minutes to go, I insisted that she give me a blowjob. She refused saying she had never done it before, but I managed to convince her to give it a try. A toothie blowjob commenced (maybe she was not lying), which was followed by a second round in which we did mish, WOT and finally doggie. Best part, as I showered off and changed, she did not even hint that she wanted extra money. I was taken aback and tipped 500 simply because I have never had this sort of an experience before this.
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Danke von

Alt  12.10.2018, 15:40   # 2
Benutzerbild von Angelman
Mitglied seit 8. October 2018

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