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Alt  27.04.2016, 08:33   # 1
Mitglied seit 27. April 2016

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Maria in Salzburg

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Hello dear Gentlemen,
In short time I am planing to visit your country and special Innsbruck and Salzburg , and I would ask you anyone who knows , for a favor . Please, advise me a good location ( hotel, apartment Salzburg) where is safe, clean, discreet and where you men will feel comfortable for a date. Any suggestions are welcome in PM , please.
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Alt  27.04.2016, 11:02   # 3
Benutzerbild von Foggy85
Mitglied seit 13. February 2007

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first @ all,

you need to go to "Magistrat Ordnungsamt/Gesundheitsamt", to get your "Health Book".

You need to Visit the Doctor all over Austria every 6 Weeks!

In Tirol and Salzburg it's only allowed to work in approved Clubs. If you work on Street, Hotels, Apartments without Licence you will get abused by the authorithies. (It starts from 1050 €, if you work intent with healthbook illegal it will start about 3000 €) (Theres just one approved Apartment in Salzburg it's called Sterneck57)

The Rules in Bavaria are kind of same like in Austria, except you can work in Austria without Condom.

Actually the Hotels and Appartments will be checked by the Police. They scan some sites on the net for Ads, will make up a meeting and give you an sweet, little, nice, expensive punishment!

Special 2-3 Hotels in Salzburg, if you check there in, the personal will give some tips to the local police.

If i can say about the last years in Salzburg:

The normal stay of Girls in some Hotels is under 4 Days. The most of them got problems, and also the most of them with problems where caught in the act with clients! The Abuse for the Clients is also still High (starts between 360 and 500 €).

And the biggest problem in Salzburg actually are other Girls (Romanians, Hungarians, Croatians), witch are working for such low prices that most of Hookers which i know, never will come back again to Salzburg or IBK.

The Prices in Salzburg are since i know (about year 2000), roundabout 150 € for 1h. Extras like Anal starts from 50, kissing was an Extra and so on.

Now (2016) the average Price is 120 € for 1h. You will get really complete Service (including Anal, bareback, swallow and so on for 150 €, but most of girls need the money for their pimp so it's easy for customer to get all inc. also for 120-130 €).

Please, forget about Salzburg or IBK. IBK it's kind of interesant in some clubs with italian clients. I would suggest or prefer Kärtnten (Next to the Italian Border, some good clubs, higher prices for Girls).

If you got any question than -> PM

Good luck at all

Ps. Sorry for my Bad german english

The normal stay of Girls in some Hotels are
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Alt  27.04.2016, 10:43   # 2
Mitglied seit 4. February 2015

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wüstenwind ist offline

You better also ask for information where such stay is legal and for obligations you need to fulfil.

Austria has rules that differ from Bavaria, and moreover that are different in the regions, e.g. Innsbruck can be different from Salzburg.

One issue is for sure that you need to see a doctor every two weeks.

And as far as I know prostitution is normally illegal in hotels (just like in Bavaria). One year ago the police in I think the greater Salzburg area was quite actively pursuing this in a hotel known for such activities.

Und für die Freier:
Maria ist ein Sweetheart...
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