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Unhappy Litha

These trips abroad always cost me a lot of time, preparation-wise. Brussels this time, and having been at Rue Aerschot last time and leaving there as quickly as I came (without coming, mind you), I decided for a more upper-class event this time.

Still I didn't want to spend €1000 for an hour or two of excellent fucking and sucking, and that was something that cost me the effort. Following many of the below links, and links therein, finally brought me to Litha. At w w w dot litha-companion dot c o m. Apparently 24 years old, petite, nice pictures, she agreed (per email) to visit my hotel for the posted price of 200 Euro per hour. What else does one want. It turns me on again, rereading her website.

What followed was a few days of emailing and SMSing, iterating towards the day of our meeting. The last call-girl experience I had was a d****ter (she was so disgusting, I didn't let her closer to me than blowjob-level), so I was rather nervous this time.

On the day of our planned meeting.... she sent me an SMS saying she was ill. I was shocked, frustrated, spent the evening jerking off in my hotel room, sent her an SMS inviting her to come the next day... but I never heard again.

Probably it's all a scam. Or if it isn't, is there anyone having had experience with this girl? I'm so turned on, I'd go for her again next time, knowing better.

I should have gone for the higher price.
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