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Prinzessin Consuela

Hallo zusammen,

Ich war vor zwei wochen bei Consuela und jetzt schreibe ich einen Bericht über meinen Termin bei ihr. Ich werde aber das nächste auf Englisch schreiben um sie es auch verstehen kann und weil es auch für mich leichter ist.

So as already other members here have already said she is Awesome. Right from the start she opens the door and there is a super beautiful young woman with a smile on her face greeting you and bringing you in the room. I wanted to spend an hour with her and I would recomend that this is the minimum if you would like to taste really good the great Consuela. She agreed also on some extras and we were off. After the shower I had the pleasure to take some sexy photos of her for a good memory. The way she takes care of the member oraly is extraordinary. With great eye contact too. With such a sexy young lady I had to be very careful not to finish earlier because I wanted to feel her great sex really longer. After the culmination we talked again and I could take some more pictures of this beauty. Then she wanted to see the photos and I was really glad that she liked them. She even asked me if I could write this preview and upload a photo. And this is exactly what I did. I would pay her a visit again as she is coming again the coming week. With two words said Consuela is 10/10 100% Empfehlung
Thank you for the great time Consuela!

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