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Alt  26.07.2017, 23:08   # 1
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Frage über Pascha (question about Pascha, never been to anything like it)

Hi. My german isn't so great, but I wanted to ask a question. I'm visiting Cologne and thought it might be nice to visit the Pascha place. I've spent time with many women and been to quite a few Berlin brothels, but never a Laufhaus or anything like pascha.

What's the rough idea there? Is it like a hotel with the available women standing outside their room? Are you expected to be naked? What's the rough procedure once you're inside to go from the door to being with a woman you like? Is it in a safe area? Will the bouncers give me a hard time -- I can speak German, but it's not *fantastic*. I'm white, blue eyes, western european ancestry. What days/time of day are the most attractive women there usually? When is it not so busy?

Anyway, thanks for the help!
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